Popeye's kennel - Devoted to Shih-Tzu since 1980

Credit where credits are due!

Here we will mention some of the dogs that we owe credit for our fantastic results... Some of them we have used for line breeding, some have just made a special impact on our breeding. One thing is for sure, we are proud to have these lovely dogs in our pedigrees!

Sofi Pålssons (Yung-Lo's) famous and TOP PRODUCING Morgan - SBIS Multi Ch FOSSELLA KAMA SUTRA is the father to our very successful "TRIGGER LITTER" out of our GB Import "Phoebe". This typy yet sound bodied male has made a huge impact on the shih-tzu scene with his offspring. Morgans pedigree doubbles up on the famous GBCH Rosaril The Chimney Sweep. 

The great and missed -Spike - GBCH ROSARIL THE CHIMNEY SWEEP, bred/owned by Mrs Eunice Stephenson, has through his grandson "Morgan" given us (amongst other great things) the strong, round heads, yet sweet faces that is the true Shih-Tzu. 

The one and only - Ylva - SBIS Multi Ch FOSSELLA SMELL OF CHANEL owned by Bodil Olsson and Sofi Pålssons (Yung-Lo's) is the siluette we adore! She is a TOP WINNER, TOP PRODUCER and like her mother -Inez - Multi Ch SBIS FOSSELLA DISH OF THE DAY, inherit her style and movement to her children and grandchildren! We are proud to have incorporate Ylva in our latest litters. And have her twice in our stunning 3 girls from the "JANE AUSTEN LITTER".

The true black and white - Panda- Int. Nord ch. FOSSELLA HIP HIP HURRAY, bred and owned by Bodil Fossenius (Fossella), was the grandfather to our PEPSI  through her solid black father Ch. WIG-MAKER'S JO-HAN-ACE-OF-SPADES. Also via Ylva, and her mother Inez we carry on the lines of this truly impecable dog!

The first US import to Sweden - Bradley- CHARING CROSS THE WOGMAKER, bred by Mr Gilbert Kahn and owned by Kickie Lindberg (Wig-Maker's), is the father to our TOP WINNING THILDA and therefore in all dogs in that line which we cherish alot!!  Bradley was a son of the famous BIS/BISS CH. DRAGONFIRE'S RED RAIDER who gave us, beside fantastic cunstruction, the deep red colour and lovely sweet temperaments! Bradley was also the father to our "D-litter" with Djingis Khan & Ch. Djinnie Djinnie and "F-litter".

The greatest, BIS/BISS CH LOUWAN'S REBEL ROUSER (ROM) records speak for themselves. He is behind all our dogs today, either through Bradley  or via our TOP PRODUCING import from UK, PHOEBE.

The next US import to Sweden after Bradley was Rose Åkersten's (Tangse) super typy - Doodles- CH. PEKINGS JUST BRANDY TANGSE. Doodles is the father to our successful "H-LITTER" out of Thilda, producing Hedda, Hamlet and Milou.

Via Doodles we also got the incredable BIS/BISS AM, CAN CH SHENTE'S BRANDY ALEXANDER (ROM) into our pedigrees. And to tie the knot, "Brandy" is also behind our own US imp. BUGSY.