Popeye's kennel - Devoted to Shih-Tzu since 1980

POPEYE's - The standard... but far from ordinary!

Welcome to Popeye's shih-tzu - The home of two World Winners within a decade...


Between 2012-2017 Lena Persson joined the Popeye’s gang. Due to her career as a FCI judge we have chosen to go back into holding the Popeye's breeding program in only Tott's name. Our collaboration was a great time that we cerrish dearly and look back on with happiness. We are convinced that Lena with her fantastic knowledge will be a great asset for the Swedish Kennel Club and specialty clubs around the world. The Popeye's gang wish Lena all the best in her career as a FCI judge!





I am Charlotte Wistad, but everyone calls me "Tott". I have a small but successful breeding for show and pleasure since 1983.

My first shih-tzu, My Fair Lady “Frida”, was actually my oldest daughter Rebecca's choice. So I have to thank her for what happened next... Frida came from Anita Carlsson in 1980 and was a daughter to the famous “In-Cheng” bred by Rose Åkersten (Tangse). Frida was out of old Scandinavian lines mixed with some English. Anita was supposed to have one litter out of her but asked me if I would like to have the puppies instead, as Anita was very close to have her third son. This started something that I had hidden somewhere in my mind. BREEDING which came very natural to me… 

I was lucky to meet Kickie Lindberg very early during my career. In her male, “Bradley” Charing Cross The Wigmaker imported from Mr Gilbert Kahn in 1987, I saw a type and confirmation that impressed me. “Bradley” sure made a stamp on the breed and I am pround and grateful to have owned the beautiful daughter, Multi Ch Wig-Makers Queen Elisa “Thilda”. She was really impressing booth as type and for breeding, but also in the rings and really the joy of our family, especially for Pernilla who was the true owner of Thilda. Their marvelous journey together is another story… 

After having made the combination with Rose Åkersten’s U.S import “Doodles” CH Pekings Just Brandy Tangse and “Thilda”, I discovered the greatness of blending the old Scandinavian/English lines with American. The successful result of the combination was our three top winning offspring’s,  Multi Ch Popeye´s Harpers Bazaar “Milou”, Multi Ch Popeye´s Hedda Hopper and Ch Popeye´s Harley Davidson. There and then I realized – I had found MY type of shih-tzu!

But, I also know that it is not very hard to bread a “star”… the tricky part is to breed many stars and “star producers” of the same type, year after year… I am therefore grateful to fellow breeders of shih-tzus and to owners of Popeye’s Shih-Tzus around the globe that have work together with me in my goal to breed healthy,happy and pretty shih-tzus. And I am proud to say that Popeye’s have bred two World Winners, who are grandfather and grandson!



I chose to name the kennel, Popeye's, because I thought that Popeye (the sailorman) represents the qualities that I want our shih-tzus to have. The body, the strength and the attitude! Then add a wonderful temperament and movement


-  there you have a Popeye's shih-tzu




We are very proud of our past here at Popeye's and thankful to them who made it all happen!

To stay in the top, while still breeding only one or two litters per year is a skill. But without the solid foundation, the knowledge and sincere devotion this would never have been the sucess it is! A fine blend of old Scandinavian, English and American lines has given us the type of Shih-Tzu we truly believe in!

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