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Import from The Netherlands



(Ch.Prime Moon Space Cowboy N'Souyen  x  Popeye's Pumpkin Pie (exp.)

Born 2011-09-20
Co-owned with Silvia v.d. Meer,
Whispering Loves, NL

Our orange little KITTY is a daughter of our co-owned Dutch girl, PUMPKIN. Still a baby, Kitty, holds the type and expression that we cherish so deeply. With a pedigree going back on our old lines blended with some new, we sure hope that she will turn out just as gorgeous as she is sweet...

Kitty is residing in the Nederlands with her mum Pumpkin, Silvia v.d Meer and the rest of the Whispering Love's gang . Thank you "Sil" for this exciting partnership, we sure look forward to what the future will bring for this "oranje" girl!




JCh.Prime Moon Space Cowboy N'Souyen   Ch Souyen's Super Trooper  Ch Wenrick's Hollywood Hit
 Ch Souyen's Surprise Time at Ying
 Ch Souyen's Setting The fasion  Ch Wenrick's Man of Distinction
 Ch Souyen's Setting The Stage
Popeye's Pumpkin Pie

DKUCH FIUCH FIV-06 INTUCH SUCH Popeye's Artful Dodger

NORDUCH Fossella Talking In My Sleep
Popeye's Trick Or Treat
GBCH INTUCH KBHV-04 NORDUCH Huxlor Triggered Fantasy GBCH Huxlor Trigger Happy
Sonoltay So Delicious At Huxlor


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Kitty and sister...

Kitty 13 days old (October 2011)

Kitty 13 days old (October 2011)